Updates And Renovations to Come

Please excuse my unannounced hiatus as well as this crude post – I have little time to spare on a computer right now and my writing has been mediocre at best, lately.

The direction of my posts (I will not speak for my co-hosts) is changing yet again, and to accommodate this, I am going to re-write update some of the content of the pages. I plan, however , to date the older versions so readers can note the progression and modifications that occur. This does unfortunately mean that the pages will become longer and that scrolling time will be lengthened to get to the bottom of pages.  Don’t let that keep you from commenting, though!

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Rhetorical Questions

Some people simply no, exasperatingly do not understand the concept of rhetorical questions. Instead they criticize every “Really?” and “I know, right?” to no end. (Unfortunately, there’s never much time in those moments to tell them how ridiculous their nitpicky remarks are. In my experience, at least.) For some incomprehensible reason, these people take things way too literally and overlook the whole colloquial, cultural side Continue reading

Modes of Entertainment

Styles of entertainment vary, perhaps by personality. (I’m not talking about a hobby here, and if you don’t know what that means, wiki it.) Just to acquaint you with how some people *ahem, I* may feel, here are my views on entertainment:

Above all, j’adore stories. To me, the first thing in evaluating forms of entertainment is to judge the intricacy (and creativity) of the tales they tell and the usage of their mediums. Continue reading

For researchers needing source cards and note cards, here is a Word template document made for your convenience (especially if you don’t like to waste paper and lead/ink)!

EDIT: WordPress doesn’t support the uploading of Word templates (.dotx). Figures. So, the link below is a Word document (.doc and .docx files, respectively).

Sources-notes cards1 (.doc)

Sources-notes cards (.docx)

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