More Musical Musings

Sweet alliteration huh?

So, it’s time for more music postings. Here’s the latest of my favorites! Are you ready for this? Do you like indie music? If not skip the rest of this post entirely!

LCD Soundsystem– “We are North Americans and for those of you who still think we’re from England… we’re not” That’s from North American Scum, which is probably their most famous song. They have a lot of instrumentals in their other songs and they can get rather long, just to warn you.

The Dandy Warhols– An alternative rock band. Their name is a play on words of the artist Andy Warhol. If you are a fellow Minnesotan, here’s Minnesoter… or perhaps you would prefer a little less innuendos in your music with Scientist, but they are most known for Bohemian Like You.

Enjoy! And if you don’t? I once again wasted more of your precious time! Bahahaha!

Musically Inclined

Since I have a feeling I’ll be posting about this on a semi-regular basis let’s just get this out of the way…

Ever since sixth grade when I acquired my first MP3 player (an iPod nano) my life has been consumed with music.

I love listening to indie and alternative; they are perhaps number one and two on my list of favorite genres. However, I do not limit myself. I also enjoy the oldies (of course), classical, rap (real rap, from when it was first emerging), punk, pop, metal, blues, folk, and jazz. I’m sure I missed a few in there…

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This is the piece I have just begun to learn. As I am now, I am sorely unprepared for it. It’s simply incredible, unless you’ve heard it too many times and bore of it.