Profile: thecurrentposter

Hey there, I’m thecurrentposter (original huh?). I am a Leo and an anarchist. I enjoy sneezing, judging people, and watching trees grow. I tend to be sarcastic to the point of being serious and don’t believe in keeping my thoughts to myself. This can be detrimental, and I hate to pull out a gag inducing inspirational quote, but I believe if you don’t have any enemies you’ve never stood up for anything. I will leave you with that. Of course it is impossible to wrap up my being (or even simply my online persona) in a few paragraphs. I believe explaining the depth and layers of a character takes more than a bio. Profiling isn’t a laundry list, it can’t be straight forward, it must be a round about way of description. So to learn more about thecurrentposter read her posts (shit did I just give away my sex?) on this blog.

Thoughts? Express 'em below!

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