Profile: sseuja

On Recall & Relay:

I’m the creator and admin of the blog. I work on the structure and design of the place aside from what’s initially provided and determine the roles of the users. So yes, I promoted thecurrentposter from follower to editor in a week; but I’m having second thoughts. I mean, at this rate, what’ll become of my admin position?!  As for theblueferret, there’s not much to worry about. Yet. Just as long as cutesy animal pictures don’t become overbearing.

Some music (edit) from yours truly, and ummm…

Personal Narrative:

I could start writing in third-person now, like some people, but that’d just be awkward. Alright, second-person it is!

Your current occupation is that of a student, and though you have had jobs here and there, they really aren’t worth talking typing about. You value creativity and fascination quite highly. Unfortunately, the username sseuja does not convey this well, for it literally means “let’s write.”

Your personality dictates that you be intrigued by a great many subjects. Academically, these include molecular biology, chemistry, nuclear/quantum physics, psychology and sociology. The connection between them? Understanding of how elements react to each other and their environment. And you love both the process and result of creating programs, animations, and image manipulations – so long as the medium is a computer. It’s relation to science? Presentation.
You  enjoy analysis, whether it be of logic, literature, etc. but are limited in your supply of lenses. The aspiring polyglot you are, you love experiencing diversity; your dream job would involve temporary residence in various countries for months or years at a time. You see potential in martial arts and would love to learn judo, jujitsu, and/or muay thai the art of temporary disablement, given the chance.


You request that your readers comment. For your readers who do not appreciate second-person, you assure them that you are nearly finished with it. Of course, hope for third-person will not be appeased. Talking that way makes one sound needlessly more pompous. And that’s not how you’d like to appear to readers.

The music is currently set to autoplay. For slower browsers, it may not begin immediately; please be patient. Otherwise, or if the player does not show up at all, do NOT refresh the page. Doing so will cause the songs to overlap. Instead, open the page on another tab or window and close the dysfunctional one. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the player’s settings are bug-infested out of my control. If problems persist, contact me or comment, and I’ll see what I can do.

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