Children’s Day

Those lucky (debatable, I know) kids in Korea and Japan celebrate today. Well, technically, because of the time shift, 14 hours ago on their May 5th. It’s an unsung holiday overshadowed by Cinco de Mayo in the States; what a pity.

In South Korea, 어린이날 means no school nation-wide and a break from studies. Instead, children go to amusement parks (or zoos, the movies, etc.) with their families, eat their favorite foods, play games, and get money or presents from their relatives. Why the special treatment? Back in the early twentieth century, a certain author, 방정환, wanted to recognize the investment in the future – children Continue reading

Its Earth Day Y’all

Ahh yes, it’s that time of year again; it only comes twice a year (I count Arbor day as the same thing) and it’s the one day that a person can justify spending their paycheck on overpriced plants at a greenhouse! It’s almost better than Christmas!!…except uh…no presents…n’ shit…Oh well, since today is Earth Day, I want everyone to go outside and buy ALL THE PLANTS THEY CAN CARRY – GO!!!

What? No? Pfft lame, well since you all don’t think providing the environment with sweet fragrants and oxygen isn’t important, I want you all to go outside and take Earth Day LIKE A BOSS!!



Happy Earth Day 2012!

Here’s how to contribute:

  1. Reduce Obliterate Emissions of Greenhouse Gases: They alter habitats irreversibly. Think of the melting ice and the retreating polar bears.
    • Don’t use fires
    • Don’t use electricity (use your creativity for heating)
    • Shut down factories (just an extra emphasis of the above)
    • Don’t start a war: Wars lead to increases in manufacturing.
    • Kill a few hundred million heads of livestock: Do you know just how much methane they create? Continue reading

April Fools 2012!

What. Don’t gawk. It’s no short of O-B-V-I-O-U-S, obvious that there’d be an April Fools celebration on Recall & Relay. Seriously, can’t you see the personality written all over this place? Sometimes, even I wonder if my username would be more aptly named tongue-in-cheek. Then again, that would quickly serve a potential for dirty jokes. -_-

It’s not hard to tell that we don’t get much traffic around here, hence the low-key prank. I, if not we, promise you that there will be a better much more elaborate one next year if we get a decent number of hits. Of course that’s our responsibility mostly, but you can help publicize this place as we become better and more interesting bloggers.
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