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Hello to my perception of what is the world.

Ehmehgehd! Ok. First things first (what else can be first, really?)! I’m the not-so-intellectual alter-ego (that’s not the right word, but that’s what comes to mind) of the person who created this blog. I can attest to this by telling you that this very moment of writing this I am listening to “Virus Alert” by Weird ‘Al’ Yankovic. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what will. What is to be learned from this? Well, whenever you see a post that is hardly coherent you can peg it as mine! I am wondering  if the creator of this blog knew what they were doing when they gave me authorization for this. I guess we’ll just have to see!


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4 responses to “Hello to my perception of what is the world.

  1. sseuja

    Haha, well, calling me the “creator of this blog” every time is gonna get old, not to mention long. Just call me “sseuja.” And congrats on your first post!

  2. Woooo Weird Al!! Oh and by the way – that did nothing to tell you about your perception of the world. XD But congrats on your first post…did you see mine? Its got a kitten on it :D!!

    • thecurrentposter ⋅

      Silly ferret… it was a greeting, I wasn’t trying to deceive into thinking that that’s what the post would be about. I was simply saying hello in my obnoxious way.

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