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Its Earth Day Y’all

Ahh yes, it’s that time of year again; it only comes twice a year (I count Arbor day as the same thing) and it’s the one day that a person can justify spending their paycheck on overpriced plants at a greenhouse! It’s almost better than Christmas!!…except uh…no presents…n’ shit…Oh well, since today is Earth Day, I want everyone to go outside and buy ALL THE PLANTS THEY CAN CARRY – GO!!!

What? No? Pfft lame, well since you all don’t think providing the environment with sweet fragrants and oxygen isn’t important, I want you all to go outside and take Earth Day LIKE A BOSS!!



About theblueferret

Well what is there to say...uh...I'm awesome I like art and literature, I'm a fan of comedies and adventure flicks as well as horror or physiological stuff. Pop music is the best, Canada is the greatest continent ever founded, I like medium rare steak, nature walks, and guys/girls who arnt afraid to cry. XD

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