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April Fools 2012!

What. Don’t gawk. It’s no short of O-B-V-I-O-U-S, obvious that there’d be an April Fools celebration on Recall & Relay. Seriously, can’t you see the personality written all over this place? Sometimes, even I wonder if my username would be more aptly named tongue-in-cheek. Then again, that would quickly serve a potential for dirty jokes. -_-

It’s not hard to tell that we don’t get much traffic around here, hence the low-key prank. I, if not we, promise you that there will be a better much more elaborate one next year if we get a decent number of hits. Of course that’s our responsibility mostly, but you can help publicize this place as we become better and more interesting bloggers.

If you want to go to the “real” home page, (this is such a perfect chance for another prank but I will restrain myself), hit the home button (figuratively. I don’t want you smashing your screens and blaming me); this time it will not lead you to a static page. I promise.

Note: Now that it’s past April Fools, the home button is back to normal! >:]


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Aspiring biochemist, programming master, social activist, polyglot, ....

2 responses to “April Fools 2012!

  1. XD so the prank is changing the word keyboard to leopard? XD

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