July 13, 2012

Hello, readers! This is sseuja, on the (partial) specialization of my posts to increasing individual awareness of social issues and personal power. Of course, I will still have my random posts and aim to continue to produce substance for the Resources page, specifically my own depending on chronos and kairos.

New (baby-step) goal: Post once a week on awareness/issues/power and related topics.
Time limit: September 1, 2012

Aug. 3, 2011

Initially, Recall & Relay was created to keep a record of travels and to provide access to online study aids and resources. Since then, things have changed. Now the blog is co-authored and is, hopefully, more entertaining.

For its writers, the blog has been a point to test the “obscure” waters of blogging from; consequently, our topics have yet to find a specific label. Most of the posts have been pieces from our separate streams of consciousness, but with time, you can expect more unity between them. For those who care, there are still plans for building a collection of study materials, both original and (mostly) re-discovered, as you may see in sseuja‘s upcoming posts. UPDATE: Study materials are now up! Look for the link on the bottom of this site.

Stick around for a mix of sarcasm, art (which will probably be done by theblueferret, if ever), music, everyday observations, emoticons and more! You never know, there might be something to learn or correct, of which the latter is highly unlikely, of course :P.

Wait a second. Are you in the wrong place? Curious about the bloggers instead? Or unsatisfied with the above? Clique hear.

Thoughts? Express 'em below!

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