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Modes of Entertainment

Styles of entertainment vary, perhaps by personality. (I’m not talking about a hobby here, and if you don’t know what that means, wiki it.) Just to acquaint you with how some people *ahem, I* may feel, here are my views on entertainment:

Above all, j’adore stories. To me, the first thing in evaluating forms of entertainment is to judge the intricacy (and creativity) of the tales they tell and the usage of their mediums. That said, TV and movies just don’t do it for me. The episodic daily shows stations always seem to share the same structure and come across as repetitive, sooner or later. I can’t stand it! As for series that have a solid, developing plot, they are often needlessly long with extra fillers here and there. Such length bores me and makes me feel unproductive; altogether, a series is worth a good many hours that cannot be compromised (the way books and comics allow). Movies, on the other side of the spectrum, are too short. The story may be told, the visuals appealing, but the fullness and growth of the plot and characters are always limited and somewhat lacking. Seeing that I rate plot and characterization over visuals and art, I can easily say films are not my type.

Unlike moving pictures, printed materials can vary in the time it takes to read them. If a section is boring or particularly confusing, one has the power to skim it, skip it, toss it or read it later. If a section is exceptionally suspenseful, one can zip through it. If a section is especially nostalgic or deep, one can linger on the words and savor the meaning. The options are endless! And with the advent of e-readers, searching for a specific passage in print has become that much convenient.

So which printed form of entertainment is my favorite? Simply put, it varies. I can say, however, that web-surfing and blog-reading is the least used form, for reasons that escape me. Every once in a while is amusing, but it gets old pretty quickly. Books offer great stories and, when coupled with analysis, provoke thoughts. As I get busier, though, I see myself reading less books, sadly, because I end up having to reread what was read after large gaps of time. So, these days, my main external form of entertainment (meaning, I’m excluding blogging, playing instruments, etc.) is webcomics and 만화. Being full of pictures, they’re so easy to read on-the-go, like in line at a store or on transportation (and traffic jams). And most of them are split into chapters, so they’re easy to make progress with. The hardest part is finding a good comic/만화 to read. As aforementioned, I don’t like the episodic, each-chapter-is-a-story-in-itself stories that a lot of them are, unfortunately. Moreover, the cliched and shallow are so numerous and pervading that it’s difficult to find the gems.

What do you think about entertainment or my opinions? Do you care at all? Will you leave despite my direct inquiries? You know, I can tell how many visit a post/page and avoid the comment box. ;]


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2 responses to “Modes of Entertainment

  1. thecurrentposter ⋅
    Umm… I think that’s a movie even YOU would enjoy.

    • sseuja

      Haha, nice idea for a movie! But, like I said, it’s less about the visuals (which much of the action will probably belong in) and more about storyline and characterization. I doubt a “true” action movie will be able to provide much of that.

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