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Updates And Renovations to Come

Please excuse my unannounced hiatus as well as this crude post – I have little time to spare on a computer right now and my writing has been mediocre at best, lately.

The direction of my posts (I will not speak for my co-hosts) is changing yet again, and to accommodate this, I am going to re-write update some of the content of the pages. I plan, however , to date the older versions so readers can note the progression and modifications that occur. This does unfortunately mean that the pages will become longer and that scrolling time will be lengthened to get to the bottom of pages.  Don’t let that keep you from commenting, though!

Thanks for visiting; I’ll appreciate your patience. Pardon this somewhat exclusive note, but for those invited here from the “real world”:
I do have a username, so I’d appreciate its usage.
I’m hesitant on saying this, but this site is somewhat more formal than social networks.
… and I thought I had more to say, but apparently not….

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