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Rhetorical Questions

Some people simply no, exasperatingly do not understand the concept of rhetorical questions. Instead they criticize every “Really?” and “I know, right?” to no end. (Unfortunately, there’s never much time in those moments to tell them how ridiculous their nitpicky remarks are. In my experience, at least.) For some incomprehensible reason, these people take things way too literally and overlook the whole colloquial, cultural side of language, the parts that truly count. They need to realize that such redundant, seemingly superfluous phrases are actually meaningful in verbal exchange, often by expressing emphasis and emotion. When someone says “Really?” there’s no need cut him or her down on word usage; just accept the interjection as it is – a show of surprise. The same concept, though cases themselves may vary, should apply to all of these parts of everyday speech. It’s as easy as that.


…Maybe I took this too far. Oh, well, I’m a critic of critics (and then some) by heart. If there are other phrases or rhetorical questions I should mention, feel welcome to comment!

thecurrentposter’s three cents: I would also like to point out that sometimes the rhetorical questions like “I know, right?” have no merit to the conversation. They are simply another way to continue a discussion without adding anything of merit to it. Language is supposed to be a tool used to express ideas. A person should not talk for the sake of talking. However, if your “Really?” is a wonder filled expression, meant to convey ponderous thoughts it falls into the above category of rhetorical questions mentioned by sseuja.


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One response to “Rhetorical Questions

  1. Yha a retorical question is never to be answered…unless you have a super funny answer that will push the conversation in YOUR favor 😀

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