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For researchers needing source cards and note cards, here is a Word template document made for your convenience (especially if you don’t like to waste paper and lead/ink)!

EDIT: WordPress doesn’t support the uploading of Word templates (.dotx). Figures. So, the link below is a Word document (.doc and .docx files, respectively).

Sources-notes cards1 (.doc)

Sources-notes cards (.docx)

These virtual cards are formatted to a 3’ by 5’ size with 0.25’ margins along the edges. Typing in the general area is bounded by 0.5’ margins on the left and right, and by the headers and footers on the top and bottom. Note that each card is currently separated with a section break, so use them to your advantage! Pressing the ¶ button (under Home > Paragraph in Microsoft Word 2007) may help you figure out what’s going on if you’re not too familiar with the intricacies of Word. Insert > Pages and Page Layout > Page Setup > Breaks (Word 2007) or Insert > Breaks (Word 2003) can help you customize and create breaks in the middle of the document and get more information.


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