Parking Issues

This happens to me from time to time… it’s not that I’m a bad driver (like I would ever admit tot that)! I just get in a tight parking place, because some asshole decided it’d be cool to park (hypothetically I’d be the one on the right) close  enough to me that I have to climb through the passenger door to get into the driver’s seat. Then I pull the good old Austin Powers move and have to shimmy my way out with my boat of a car. All the while I’m getting amused looks from everyone in the parking lot. Every episode of this results in many other people’s days ‘made’. Welcome to my life. So next time you see that dip in the parking lot? Take pity on that poor soul, for the love of <insert deity of choice here>… have pity.

More Musical Musings

Sweet alliteration huh?

So, it’s time for more music postings. Here’s the latest of my favorites! Are you ready for this? Do you like indie music? If not skip the rest of this post entirely!

LCD Soundsystem– “We are North Americans and for those of you who still think we’re from England… we’re not” That’s from North American Scum, which is probably their most famous song. They have a lot of instrumentals in their other songs and they can get rather long, just to warn you.

The Dandy Warhols– An alternative rock band. Their name is a play on words of the artist Andy Warhol. If you are a fellow Minnesotan, here’s Minnesoter… or perhaps you would prefer a little less innuendos in your music with Scientist, but they are most known for Bohemian Like You.

Enjoy! And if you don’t? I once again wasted more of your precious time! Bahahaha!

Rhetorical Questions

Some people simply no, exasperatingly do not understand the concept of rhetorical questions. Instead they criticize every “Really?” and “I know, right?” to no end. (Unfortunately, there’s never much time in those moments to tell them how ridiculous their nitpicky remarks are. In my experience, at least.) For some incomprehensible reason, these people take things way too literally and overlook the whole colloquial, cultural side Continue reading

I Hate Spring

It’s that awkward time of year where it’s too cold to have the windows open, and it’s too warm to blast the heat. So instead of going between extremes of cranking up the A/C and then turning up the heat, I decided to have the worst of both worlds. I put the heat on extremely low (probably just above freezing). My house is officially a refrigerator. As a consequence my fingers are a bit numb and clumsy on the leopard. This poor backspace key is getting more use than it signed up for. And my house plants are already beginning to complain. That’s right, it’s springtime in Minnesota again! But hey, at least due to the complete lack of winter there’s none of that mushy, soggy, unidentifiable stuff to deal with! That’s me… always looking on the bright side.

Modes of Entertainment

Styles of entertainment vary, perhaps by personality. (I’m not talking about a hobby here, and if you don’t know what that means, wiki it.) Just to acquaint you with how some people *ahem, I* may feel, here are my views on entertainment:

Above all, j’adore stories. To me, the first thing in evaluating forms of entertainment is to judge the intricacy (and creativity) of the tales they tell and the usage of their mediums. Continue reading

April Fools 2012!

What. Don’t gawk. It’s no short of O-B-V-I-O-U-S, obvious that there’d be an April Fools celebration on Recall & Relay. Seriously, can’t you see the personality written all over this place? Sometimes, even I wonder if my username would be more aptly named tongue-in-cheek. Then again, that would quickly serve a potential for dirty jokes. -_-

It’s not hard to tell that we don’t get much traffic around here, hence the low-key prank. I, if not we, promise you that there will be a better much more elaborate one next year if we get a decent number of hits. Of course that’s our responsibility mostly, but you can help publicize this place as we become better and more interesting bloggers.
Continue reading