Customize! And a Heart


These days, more and more things are becoming┬ácustomize-able. Relatively few take advantage of the tools technology has supplied us, though, whether it’s because people are busy or technologically handicapped or lazy. Being a great advocant of customization, I often end up making my own materials. I find myself looking for more options any time a limiting make-your-own-animation-online-with-these-preset-characters-and-objects comes my direction; in such fashion, I then turn to look for alternatives that use more scrap material. That’s what got me into Java, WordPress, and now Gimp. I still haven’t received any formal education in programming languages, so I’m illiterate in Java and html (though I can decode some things) and I’m not willing to pay for, so I’m limited in my html.

I found Gimp just the other day, and love what it can do. Cheap as I am, I can’t afford Photoshop, but Gimp, so far, gives me more options than I know how to use. See the animation above? The image has been manipulated with Gimp then animated. My first project! A bit time-consuming, but the product is worth it. All I want now is to create a slider to allow visitors to play with the speed of the animation. But that would mean using html. *sigh* Ignorance is not bliss.


Thoughts? Express 'em below!

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