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German Pride

I used to have a German chat friend. (“Used to” because we never exchanged personal information and eventually disappeared from each other.) She was very proud of her country and was apparently taking some hardcore early European history classes around the time I met her. Somehow, we got to the topic of Greece, then Rome, and she enthusiastically explained Germany’s role in Rome’s
demise. I credit all my initial interest in European history to her. And recently, I’ve rediscovered a wikibook on general European history. Part of the prologue summed up most of what my friend was trying to tell me: the transition from Rome to European city-states (that later united into nations) was greatly influenced, arguably founded, by the invasion of the many and disparate Germanic tribes. If you think about it, German ancestors, by destroying Rome and beginning the cultural separation between regions, can be said to make Europe what it has been for centuries and is today – an eternally squabbling mass of numerous small states. As an additional plus, I’ve now learned the meaning behind “Anglo-Saxon.”

More importantly, it’s the debut of education stuffs on Recall & Relay! I told you people I would be gathering these, didn’t I? Well, here‘s the first of them. For subsequent links and pages on study materials, click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the blog that I will create soon.

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